Moving Out and Moving In

I realized that at some point in time we need to grow up, the question is when, why, and who the freak ate my cookies!? You can’t impede growth, and to be quite frank, you’re kind of a jerk to even want to attempt.  How many 70 year old have you seen frolicking around on their skateboards or doing Parkour? It’s not physically possible I’m telling you, even Neil Armstrong with his solitary testicle on his latest bout with cancer will soon declare: “I give up!”

"You bet your balls I can still do it!"

"have you seen my other ball? I mean testicle... I mean my other nut..."

As soon as you reach a certain age, gravity should take its toll and will start to pull you down (saggy chest, droopy eye bags, wrinkled balls, liver marks, the idea is beyond revolving, but hey facts are facts my freaky friend). That’s why for me living alone is huge mature step, now where are my damn cookies?!

"With this skin, I can glide like a flying quirrel you know."

I remember moving out on a Sunday, it was a surreal and weird experience; stuffing my “stuff” in the balikbayan box, finding clever ways to stash my porns without my dad and sister seeing them, trying to be nonchalant about the whole I’ll be living alone idea. I wanted to cry but I willed myself to stop because that would suck since I chose to enter this battle.  I wanted them to stop me and tell me that I’m making the biggest mistake for 2010 (my parents are very supportive because they know that I can always outdo the mistakes I made from the past).

My mom and I were not on speaking terms that time so it was easier for me to leave without the emotional hugs and goodbyes.  My dad on the other hand as macho as he is can’t help but be a wee bit emotional and teary eyed about this sudden change in our lives.  I love my parents, freaky as they are; they are the only parents I have, I do have a collection of baby pictures below for your entertainment and yes I look like a Caucasian when I was a baby…

We were so dirt poor that I slept inside our microwave, I also found a lump on the back of the left side of my neck... but that couldn't be related right?

We didn't have any money to pay for my yaya that time so they had to duct taped me on the wall so I wouldn't go anywhere. Funny how no human contact as a kid does to your lovelife when you grow up.

I guess red horse was cheaper than Lactum, this is my 2nd liver at the age of 27, thanks Tita Joji!

A concern citizen took this picture and gave it to social services the day before they visited our house, I know that day that my relationship with sandwiches will never be the same...

A family that flips together goes to jail together. Good Times!

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