Spanky Gets a Life: The First Chapter

I recently got me a place of my own, this will be my first shot of living alone and I am telling you IT IS NOT EASY.  I got lucky or my boss got tired of me complaining to everyone that I need a new place so my huge ego can rest without any hassle, so she asked me to fulfill the contract of her condo unit since she is moving to China. I immediately grab the opportunity and yelled au revoir to the fam and immediately packed my stuff.

See how sad they were (and I don’t even know them)

I’ve been meaning to live independently for God knows how long, I’ve surfed the web, got me a real estate agents (who keeps bugging me until now), bought magazines (related and unrelated to real estate), attended a couple of open house and asked around, there are a lot of great places suited for my needs; my needs meaning- a gym and a pool (for bragging rights), the actual place to sleep in is only secondary. 

But then it dawned on me that finding the location and the amenities was not my problem, I was afraid to live alone.  I’ve never had the chance of living by myself, I’ve occasionally gone on trips here and abroad with friends without the parents but to actually live ALONE and try to stay alive is nerve wrecking.  Growing up with a house help is both a blessing and a curse, you get to live a good life by having someone cook for you, pick after your dirty laundries, cook for you, and for at least a good part of my pre-adolescent years I had someone reminding me to bathe and cover up for me for those valuables items I destroyed and/or incinerated – with or without the intention, and yes I’m that spoiled! I say curse because I now have to live with the fact that I will forever be hunted with the occasional Bisayan twang.  Gosh darnit, the price I had to pay or my mom paid.

So imagine a spoiled 27 year old having his first shot of living alone.  Nice plot for a TV show, but this is real life – meaning I CAN DIE, literally.  But I had to do it, it’s now or never.  And the latter sounds a scary thought. First things first, how much is the rent? The cost of the rent is decent, considering the fact that I spend a minimum of P500.00 daily·         Cab Fare – P300.00·         Starbucks (tall/grande, 5 pumps, white chocolate mocha, non-fat, no whip please) – P130.00·         Food – P200.00

Next is the location, I literally counted the step because I’m boring like that and it takes at least less than 400 steps to reach my office, unless I do a couple of egg rolls and cartwheels then it will be lesser.  So no more traffic stress for me and less BO action from riding the MRT (I’m referring to the passengers just to be clear), I try once in a while to take the MRT to save money on my way home but I usually end up spending more because the MRT stops and ends at a mall, so I end up shopping or going to the grocery before heading home.
Next on my list is comfort, can I see myself staying here for years, the place is huge considering I will be the only one occupying the abode; 43 sq meters, 1 bedroom,  a laundry room, the right size kitchen space, a hall way and a great view of the Makati skyline at night. I immediately fell in love with the place, it’s like seeing that pair of jeans and a nice shirt that you tell yourself that the designer was probably thinking of me when he was designing this, I had that moment.  I would’ve cried but I guess that designer example was gay enough as a hyperbole. 

I am the one on the right (my mom groomed me as a girl until I was 7)

That’s how I enter the cafe, so they know who’s the badass!

nuff said…

More to come…

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