Baby Steps to World Domination…

Vi veri universum vivus vici

(not sure what the heck this is but it sure sounds classy)

-can’t be labeled-can’t be justified-can’t think of anything to put here-i love film and cinema, acting, the art and craft of moviemaking-i love to write and have a very, very active imagination-love to floor and wow people-i can’t drive to save my life-i have a terribly low alcohol tolerance-i have attention deficit-i’m a known “life of the party”-i am never satisfied with life and am always looking to enlighten myself or increase my knowledge-i like a nice piece of arse-i talk too much online, but very shy in person-i dance up a storm in clubs-i don’t drink enough-i quit smoking cold turkey and haven’t picked one up since-i see dead people, ok no-i like meeting new people-i’m even more unpredictable than i say i am-i’m down for learning new stuff, seeing new stuff, talking to new people all that kewl junk.

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